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Hello dear souls!

My beloved cat friend, Daisy, and I are so happy to be here
at Cat

Daisy is 12yo, and has eaten raw frozen patties.chubs and freeze dried a good portion of her life. SHe is also an amazing Rodent Control
Specialist and Summertime consumer of crickets, grasshopper, moths and has tried a couple of praying mantis.

We are in process of shifting Daisy to Frankenprey and some WHole Prey.

She is currently dining on Stella & CHewy's different flavors of:
*Salmon and Chicken
*Duck, duck goose

I've been reading up on Frankenprey on this and other sites.
I have access to local free range:
Eggs of chk, duck and quail.

I plan to do a month's worth of prepping and freeze meals
in 4oz. canning jars that can be stacked in the freezer.

Her daily amount of food to eat is around 3.74 oz.
Her present weight is about 8lb.

I looked at purchasing Whole Prey online at

They furnish foods to zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, and other places for
larger animals. In addition to supplying folks who have reptiles, felines and others.

The only issue is they have one box size, which ships for $29 flat rate.

The box is big enough to fit 5,000 or 6,000 pinky mice, so it is way too big for me to place an order for one cat!

I live 20 miles from a town with pet store food/live prey resources.

Living rurally and having access to so much Free Range food for
Daisy is why it makes sense to go local!


I have already been reading on this site about Frankenprey, yet would appreciate if someone who has been here awhile can post a reply with links to other threads about Frankenprey.

My concern is the bones, and how to do that appropriately.
SHE munches mousies and moles like they are a wonderful snack.

WHich animal bones can be given without needing to smash? and which animal bones are okay to give her once the bones are smashed?

To what size does a larger bone, say a chicken leg, need to be smashed for her?

THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU who have dedicated yourselves to being here and serving the world with your kindness and wisdom!



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Hi Pinky Pie! Welcome!:)
Pictures please of Daisy!

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I am not as adept at loading photos. the original files are too large and I'm trying to upload smaller ones I've put on my desktop. :wiggle

will post them as I get this figured out

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Most raw-fed cat owners do the following bones:

-chicken/duck/turkey neck
-chicken/duck/turkey backs
-chicken/duck/turkey ribs
-chicken/duck wings
-small rabbit bones

I personally would not give larger bones, or shatter larger bones. I think a cat can probably consume the shards just fine, but I know dogs can get shards/pieces of bone stuck in their throat/back of their mouth. You may as well avoid ANY risks from larger bones by giving smaller bones :}

Raw Diets and Cats, What About Bones? - Feline Nutrition

Chunks and Bones For Your Cat's Teeth - Feline Nutrition

My cat gets commercial ground raw (Hare Today and Rad Cat) with some mice, quail, and chicks thrown in. I have gotten necks, backs, and ribs for her before, but she isn't fond of them :{

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I'm in the yahoo rawcat forum, but mostly read the advice they give to new members. The advice they seem to give time and time again seem to be is that bone in a cat's diet is very small. One active member uses this percentage for the PMR guidelines for felines:

85% +/- meat, 5%-7& edible bone, 5% liver, 5% other organs

They also only feed bones about every 2-3 days, and it's usually paired with some muscle meat like hearts, gizzards or thigh meat.

A small quail might be enough for 2 cats, as far as bone matter requirements for a few days. And if your cat catches mice and eats them, well, that might be all they need for bones for the week, lol. The raw feeders there also recommend cutting the chicken necks into "coins", and using those instead of a whole neck when measuring out portions with a scale. I don't think I'd feed larger bones like chicken thigh bones or turkey necks, those seem a bit too big imho, but it might work if your cat is on the larger size to begin with... like Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats, Ragdoll, etc.

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oops, just wrote a big thank you and reply to each of you, and it disappeared.


I'm grateful for each of you. and will get back to you soon, after I go feed myself!
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