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do you have a cat (or dog) you adopted from a shelter or rescue? taken in any stray or feral kitties? have a pet who has gone to the Bridge who was adopted or rescued? currently have any fosters?

then you can enter them (one or all or as many as you like) in this photo contest!

its fast, easy fun and FREE to enter!

my babies are #3 and #8 :wink:

winner gets to choose which rescue or shelter gets 25% of the proceeds of the contest
(75% goes to the non profit running the contest- IMOM- my boy is sponsored thru them for his diabetic needs and vet care)

if you have a foster this is a great way to get more exposure and maybe find a forever home for them! :idea:

check it out, its a lot of fun! and check out the photos and stories about my boy Snoopy aka BJ and my girl Sara Lee!
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