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Fresh Kitty!

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I know this might sound weird but I was wondering if anyone else does this...After I give Stix a bath, I wait until he is totally dry and all fluffy, and then I keep picking him up to smell him. He just smells so fresh and cute! I tell him he smells like a field of flowers. Then my boyfriend chimes in "yeah, he smells like a summer's eve." haha. :D
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my boyfriend loves 'cat smell' too! he is always smelling kitty, and telling me to smell him. although he does smell pretty good most of the time.
Maleke said:
Ok, this must be some kind of weird guy thing...cause my boyfriend is always picking up Maleke and saying to me "he smells good!!!!". WEIRD! :shock:
i agree! :mrgreen:
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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