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Hallo lovely people! We need advice about our kitten.

Me and my husband have added Hugo (male Maine coon) to our family when he was 3 months old (in august). He was very affectionate and loving towards both of us (even spending more time with my husband). It's just the three of us, we don't have kids or other people living with us.
A few months ago he suddenly stopped being friendly with my husband. There was one particular event in October when he told him in a bit rude manner to get off of the kitchen counter. Hugo jumped off and nothing special happened. The following days he stopped jumping so we went to the veterinarian, but the doctor couldn't find anything. Nevertheless he prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine and we gave it to him for a week. Eventually he started jumping and running again but we never found out if something happened when he jumped from the counter. This was about 4 months ago.
Till this day Hugo is extremely affectionate towards me (sleeping on me, hugging, purring, head bumping, tolerating me when I am just being goofy with him and etc.). He still avoids my husband, to a point where he is not willing to really play with him, does not let him pet him and etc. My husband is the one cleaning after him, feeding him, grooming him when needed, giving him treats. Eventually I am just the bad cop who cuts his nails and gives him pills or baths.
We don't know what to do. I was even deliberately avoiding the cat, but this still didn't help. My husband really loves the kitten and it's really devastating to see this behaviour towards him, because he disciplined him months ago. Is this normal, and what can we do to change this?

Thank you very much!

Addition: The kitten has never been hit or shouted at. He is very easy going and smart and positive reaction works good when we want to show him that he is doing something right. I let the giving of treats to my husband in attempt to help their bond.
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