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Full moon?

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Tonight my house cats and the strays are all behaving aggressively, restless and a nuisance. I went outside to check if there was a full moon, as I couldn't think of any other reason, and indeed there is. Has this been scientifically proven to have an effect on animals? If not, what do you believe?
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I don't know about the animals but it makes people stupid, imo.
the evening crazies here get a little worse when there is a full moon, my cats are lunatics,,
Kobi turns into a royal jerk 2 days before the full moon. Beats on the girls for no reason. This week it started 4 days before, guess it was because it was a supermoon.

The pattern is so consistent that I actually put reminders for the full moon in my calendar and dose him with Pet Naturals of Vermont calming treats for those 2 days.
Yes, I did a search for the topic and found Kobi in the threads. :)


Yes, we are experiencing the biggest, brightest full moon of the year...

Here is a link to a very educational website about the subject... (thank you again John Walker for the wonderful site, and my linking you again...)

Lunar Perigee and Apogee Calculator

Some of us, as well as our cats may feel the difference.

In the case of my cats, it's what I call ''the Great Launch'', because they seem to launch themselves from one end of the house to the other, with no apparent reason... They will run furiously all over the place, making acrobatic leaps from the floor to the cat tree to the wall...

It usually calms down after a day or so, but yes, my cats are definitely affected by the ''supermoon''.
As for me... nah, my usual mellow self!

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I have a friend who is a nurse and he did a rotation in the maternity ward. He said even though people say it has no affect, the hospital staffs more people on those days because a lot more women go into well as the ER.

Yes my cats seem to get the crazies more often during them too.
I don't know about the animals but it makes people stupid, imo.

I had to lol on that one i work retail and it gets bad. My male acts weird. Right now we are having a battle of wills i am winning. He wants his food but not time yet.:kittyball
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