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Do you recommend it?

  • Yes. I love it.

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  • No. It's a piece of junk.

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  • On the fence - has it good and bad points (please elaborate)

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Furminator or Imitation Furminator

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Talk me into it or out of it; what do you say?
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I had the original Furminator for dogs and loved it. But it was for large dogs so it was too big for cats. I bought a imitation Furminator for the cats (can't remember the brand) and it works pretty well. But if you can afford the real Furminator I would go with that.

The first time I used it I could not believe the amount of hair that came off them. The cats actually love being brushed with this. So getting rid of all that old hair must make them feel better.
They're great at removing hair! They aren't any kind of weekly grooming brush to me, as especially on longer haired cats you can only do an extremely small brush stroke, over and over until you think you've removed enough hair. Because of that I brush Blacky in stages, the shoulder area until one go, the back end in another. You can get an insane amount of hair and need to stop before you make your cat bald, heh... but otherwise there is no downside, it's a fabulous tool for serious hair removal when they're shedding.
Absolutely terrible for delicate coats. Cuts and damages the heck out of fine hair, but gives off the appearance of removing old hair.

I'll send you the two I have, cheap.
I love it! I have two... One long haired one for dogs(I use it on the long haired cat) and one short haired cat one. I only use it once every few week though. It's great when you see loose fur floating on them, but be careful with short haired cats. I made the mistake of using it too much on one(she loves it... looks like she is in heaven when I use it on her) and I almost made her bald. 8O So now I just do a quick once over, but for everyday I use a normal brush.
I have a Furminator and I brush my cats with it once a week. It's good. My cats like it. It removes quite a bit underlayer coat from my Meatball, but with my Metoo, I don't get a lot hair off even if I brush many rounds. So I would assume it's not pulling off good hair.
i was really reluctant myself to spend so much $ on one of those, but then i got a coupon from Petsmart and combined it with the 15% off advertisement on furminators and just bit the bullet and bought one. i had heard so many people say how awesome this tool was and i couldn't imagine a simple brush being so much better than any others - but i am a believer now! it really DOES get a lot more hair out. i'm assuming it is getting more of the undercoat out than a normal brush. that's the claim, anyway. all i can say is i gave our Angel (long hair) @10 gentle slow strokes with it (she's pretty sensitive so i was being really careful) and i probably got out 4 times the amount i normally would with our other brush. and the hair doesn't go flying around the room! you can actually feel it grabbing those other hairs, and Angel wasn't bothered by it. it was funny cuz when i started brushing her, she was really still as if thinking to herself, "hmmm, this feels a little different, but it's not so bad..."

i got the one for large cats over 10 lbs. normally @$52 bucks! ended up being $42 including tax. some guy in front of me in line was trying to save me some moola though and told me he bought the japanese knockoff on ebay for 1/4 of the price and it works just as well. i didn't want to bother with the wait and the shipping, though, so i just bought it at Petsmart.
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I voted on the fence. I love it and the hair it brings up but my cats absolutely hate it, so I have to chase them around to even touch them with it.
I don't have a furminator, I have just been using a brush and a flea comb. I read the reviews on amazon and I'm getting one on payday! I figure what have I got to lose, it's cheaper than one trip to the groomer. I have cat hair tumbleweeds all over the house.
If you don't wish to butcher your cats healthy coat, buy a Kong Zoom Groom and a greyhound comb. Your cat will thank you. So will your wallet, if that matters.
I tried a Furminator on Rookie once (she was long-haired), and she wasn't havin' it. She was fine with a brush or Zoom Groom, but not the Furminator.
How much to send one to Canada, GhostTown? ;)
NO! don't buy a $45 one at petsmart. you can order one by sergeant's for 11.99 at amazon. never having had a furminator, i looked and looked, and i'm not an e-bay person, i don't have the patience. but as far as i can tell, this one works just as good. two of my cats don't seem to shed much undercoat, but the big one does, and you can really tell because he goes from coarse burly man to silky smooth.

this one probably doesn't pull as much hair, because it's never caused any bald spots like my vet warned me about, but never having had the other, i have no complaints.

you do have to be gentle with it though, or the cats will hate it. make short little strokes and don't pull too hard. it's tempting, especially when you know they're way overgrown and need to get rid of a lot, but i think it probably feels like someone pulling your hair.
My girls hated it. I sent it to my Mom, her cat loves it.
I have one but only for taking mats out. I don't use it to groom Tequila and Maya. I use a comb and a brush for their grooming.
Hmm, I'll have to look up the zoom groom, haven't seen one that I know of. Ollie doesn't have what I would call a delicate coat, it's just super thick and dense but Miley's is more on the delicate side.
I'm sending mine to dweamgoil, only because She promised not to use it on her Balinese.

Hopefully when she realizes how torturous the terrible device is she'll join the "furminators are junk" cause with me.
Lol. But it gets rave reviews on amazon.... :)
My sister has a fat old monster whose coat gets matted and awful. I was thinking he'd be a bit more comfortable with some bald spots from a brush (which he loves) then the shaving (which he hates). You can see the discolouration from matting here (this picture's about 2 years old)

If I see one around for cheap I'll pick it up. Hopefully I can make that old fuzzslug's end-of-days a bit more comfy.
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