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Future cat lady

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Hello all!

Hope everyone is having a great morning.
Im mama to two cats, and a Bearded dragon. Joined because im frustrated with some stuff for my babies and figured I would turn to others for help.

My two cats are Sapphy and Copper.
Sapphy is a year and a half old Siamese. When I found her I was in cosmo school. She was almost dead and really sick. She's my cross-eyed baby who everyone told I should take to put down; Two rounds of antibiotics later... she was all better. Shes weird as heck; but very sweet.

Copper is a maine **** mix we are assuming.. hes huge and getting bigger. Yellow tabby... when we got my last car we brought it home from the auction on a trailer... well.. Copper was in the engine of my car. @[email protected] So he came home too.
I am a 20, almost 21, year old hair stylist. I enjoy just being at home and cuddling my animals, being online and watching TV. Im pretty simple. I sew, knit and crochet. Im in the process of buying a house with my boyfriend, at which point I get to get a puppy >:]

So in otherwords, Im in my mothers footsteps to becoming a crazy cat lady. Im okay with this.
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