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I suppose I should start with an introduction. I'm a twenty-two year old secretary. I have all sorts of pets; currently one dog, seven birds (little birds!) and the more relevant two kitties. I had three up until.. just about two years ago, when one of my older girls suddenly got sick.

I have a fourteen year old princess named Mocha; she's a medium haired black and white kitty. I've had her since she was about six weeks old. Her mum wandered into a friend's house as a stray, popped out some kittens, and my sister and I both got to have one. Her sister, Tequila, is the one that passed away recently, though she became more my cat than my sisters by that point.

The second kitty is our problem cat; Twitch. I hope it's alright to put his issue here. I'm getting a bit desperate at this point.

He's eight years old and Mocha's son (Mocha has since been spayed; and Twitch is neutered). He's been around since he was born, and has always been a bit.. special. He was born a few weeks before we moved out of a house with a horrible black mold problem. The day we moved one of his siblings actually passed away because of the mold (we also lost one of our birds and my hamster to the issue). So I've always been a bit lenient with him, figuring he's probably not quite right in the head.

Most of his little habits we can deal with; he likes to chew on things and steal things and attack feet. But recently he's started peeing everywhere. Mostly on beds. The other night he peed not just on my mothers bed, but actually on her foot while she was sleeping in it.

She's at a point where she wants to get rid of him but I do pay half the bills, so it's my choice too. But I'm sort of at a loss. He went to the vet and they did a urinalysis and everything came back fine. They said the next step would be to take x-rays of his bladder, but I wonder if that's even necessary if nothing turned up in his pee. It's only just started the past two months, but I've already had to get a new mattress, and have to toss all my sheets and comforter because of it.

All that on top of the vet bill and this is turning into a very expensive kitty.
Nothing has changed since it started about two months ago. No new furniture, no new pets, no new anything. I thought it was Mocha at first, because he started doing it where she slept, but then I caught him when he peed on my foot (he has a thing about feet) when I was sleeping.

I don't know what to do. I don't want to give him up but I can't have him peeing everywhere. My coworkers all think I should get rid of him and my mother wants him gone. The only suggestions I've gotten online are diapers, which won't work since he plays with the dog and she'd just take them off. It's also not exactly practical for a cat with full control over his bladder.

I've no idea what to do.
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