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When the late great Maeve turned ten she stopped using the litter box altogether. Took me a while to figure out the problem was that she no longer wanted her food and litter in the same room and the litter box had to be totally clean before she would use it again. Now that had not been a problem at all until suddenly it was. We also could no longer give Maeve the run of the house. She was no longer allowed in the bedrooms, living room or dining room. We couldn't break her of peeing in those areas because it had become a habit by then. Or maybe deodorizers weren't that effective ten years ago and she could still smell the urine.

This might not be your problem but I strongly suggest you buy a few books on cat behavior. A situation that is tolerable when a cat is younger can suddenly become intolerable when the cat gets older. Wish I had gotten a book! Peeing outside the litter box is the biggest behavior problem owners have so there are solutions out there.

You also need to get some effective pet cleaning products. I found the deodorizing abilities of cleaning products in the supermarket aisle to be much better than those of products available at pet stores (of which I still have unused gallons!). I use stain-removing deodorizing cleaners for pet stains made by Arm & Hammer and Woolite. Both are equally good and kept the carpet stain free and the house smelling clean when Maeve became incontinent near the end of her life. I use them now on vomit stains left by the new cat who thinks she can inhale food with impunity.
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