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Hi there,
I was in a similar situation - it seems impossible, and you feel so terrible that your stubborn cat won't eat the food. My cat developed kidney failure and was put on a prescription diet that he really didn't like. It's a different disease, but I'd suggest looking around online for kidney disease related websites - kitties not wanting to eat when they have kidney disease a very common problem and there is a ton of info out there on how to entice them to eat. Here's one quick link I found: ... ption_food

A couple suggestions: mix in some of his old food with the new stuff; try warming the food slightly before serving to enhance that cat food smell; serve smaller servings to all the cats twice a day or more - more likely to each eat up all their serving and not leave any for Nad; ask your vet if there are any other brands of food you could try.

You might need to find a room you can shut off from the rest of the house for an hour or so, and put him in there with his food. Not a fun situation, but maybe you could spend some time in there with him, give him some one-on-one time and make meal time special - maybe it becomes meal/play time just for Nad. You being there and encouraging him might just do the trick.
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