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Getting a Kitten

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Hi Everybody,

I may have a problem. I'm planning on getting a new kitten which is a female
but I already have a female cat. When I bring the kitten in the house will my other cat have any odd behaviour? If so, what would the behaviours likely be and how do you stop them?
Thank you.
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Follow the instructions for a gradual introduction. My experience has been that, generally speaking, well-socialized female cats often accept kittens without too much fuss, especially if they've ever had kittens themselves. Initial behavior could be hissing or bopping kitty on the head with a paw. Your cat will do this to show dominance and you should just ignore it unless she is being vicious about it.
I have a thread from a month or two back outlining my steps/experiences introducing my new female kitten to my 2 year old female cat.

Life is all harmonious now (I followed the steps in the link MowMow posted to a tee).

They now cuddle and play, and pretty much love each other :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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