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I have always loved cats and for the first time I will be able to get one.
(buying a new home!)

The problem:
About 7 years ago, I developed a severe allergy to cats! :(
I wondered if it was possible for me to have a cat and have done research.
Everytime I go to a cat owner's house I get severe sneezing fits, especially if I pet the cat. If I wash my hands afterwards, it isn't bad.
I did babysit a kitten a few years ago and didn't suffer from allergies at all.

I've heard that one can get use to one's own cat. Female cats are less allergic than male cats. Also Egyptian mau and Devon Rex are more hypo-allergenic.

Fell in love with this Bengal-like cat that used to visit my apartment.
It was the perfect cat. Loves to play, curious, loves to be scratched and held, comes when you talk to it, independent, and smart. This was a stray, mind you! The other cats in this L.A. neighborhood were mostly distrustful- wasn't a great neighborhood. I didn't get sneezing fits around him but i always washed my hands after petting him and before touching my face.

My Questions:
1. Will I be able to get a Bengal or Siamese and lose the allergic reaction? I want the cat to stay indoors.
2. Can I have more than one cat- bengal or siamese?
3. Will they shed much hair?

I would love to get a cat but don't want to take allergy pills all my life.
They are such amazing and beautiful creatures.


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I just got one too, and I have severe allergies. Fortunately he doesn't really mind 'baths', which I try to do at least once a week. The dried saliva (dander) is what you are allergic to, not the rinsing it off frequently will cut down your sneezing fits. I was also told that plain water gets more dander out than soap and water.

They also make these moist towelettes for cats that will help. Empty the litter box very frequently (more than normal) as the allergens are present in their waste.

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It could work out... or not. You´ll just have to try. I´m allergic and I have one devon rex and one crossbreed and I don´t have any problems with my allergy.

To make it easier you should:

1. Keep your home clean. Do not use the vacumcleaner, use a swab it ties the dust and fur much better.

2. Try to keep your bedroom catfree. Catfree zones are important. The body needs to rest from time to time and during the night is the perfest time.

3. Try to get the cat used to bathing. Bathing the cat once a week washes away up to 80%(!) og the allergenes.

4. Keep medicine close. An attack of allergy can come at any time.

5. Wash your hands after touching the pet.

6. Keep the cat away from your face.

I absolutely think you should try, but make sure that the cat can move to another home if it doesn´t work out for you.

A lot of people that are allergic still keep pets and they get used to their own, but can react strong on other peoples pets.

Good luck! :D

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Thanks all for responding,

Much of the sites I've researched suggested the same things..
I was hoping to hear from people who mayhave overcame their
cat allergies or at least gotten used to their own cats.

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I have two bengals and they don't shed that bad. Right now she is shedding her coat so it's a little more than usual but that goes for all cats. I bath my girls once every other month. My daughter has asthma so we try to prevent dander building up in the house. I suggest vacuumming often. If you get a kitten start bathing early so they are use to it. Make it comfortable for them by having things prepared before you start so you can do it quick and try bringing some cat toys in the mix. AS foar as your allergies go I suggest some claritin or a nasal spray I found flonase and Astelin worked the best. I know you don't want to be on medication but say you got the cat and you found your allergies acting up would you give the cat away? or try meds? I would try spending the day at a friends house with cats that truly keep up with the cleaning and bathing and see how you react. If you have a reaction I wouldn't get a cat if your not willing to take medications. It wouldn't be fair to the animal to give it away when you already know you have allergies. Bengals have a different type of coat than other breeds. Some have whats called a pelted coat with means they have a extra protective layer of down hairs that keep them from getting real wet. That comes from their ancestor the Asian Leopard cat. I can give you more info if you PM me or email me. I breed bengals and I can know alot of good breeders so I could help you find one in your area to work. The breed is beautiful and loyal. I think it will work out for you if you take those extra precautions and keep thing super clean and I like I said I suggest going on some allergy meds. Good Luck!!

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Thanks Julie,

I would consider taking medication, but would I have to take it everyday...
I don't even like taking aspirin if I can help it. I would get a hepa vaccuum and certain groom with the help of my roommate...
I found your website and the kittens are gorgeous.
I will try to contact you through there.
I really do like Bengals...I think they even have a unique way of purring!
The Bengal on the Whiskas commercial purred like the stray one
at my old apartment.. Hard to describe, but they talk to you by purring/soft snorting...It's quite an amazing sound..

Maybe there is a bengal I can babysit for a few weeks??
Still, I've heard of people overcoming their allergies to cat dander because of love and will....
My house, my very first house, is set to close Escrow exactly two weeks from today.. maybe sooner. It's a Craftsman Bungalow! After I removed the cottage cheese from the ceiling and remove the carpet covering wood floors, I will ready to have a baby.. hehehhe

Bungalow Mikee
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