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My femal cat Yoda LOVES to play with my ferret Koda. but the 3 males dont really like him. Dice especially doesn't. I did introduce them slowly. Koda was kept in his cage and the cats allowed out to sniff them. I did that for a few weeks and then let Koda out to play with them. Koda is a little rambunctious. He is only 4 months so he is crazy,lol. him and yoda run around playing all the time. If Koda gets to ruff she lets him know. With the boys if he gets close to them they will growl and his and swipe at him. Fat Albert is a little better with but if Koda starts to get wild around him he will go and hide. My cats can go into any room but they know in the kitchen they are NOT allowed on anything(chairs,table,counter ect..) This morning when I let Koda out Thunder ran and jumped onto the table to get away. So I went and got him and put him in a different room(with door open) I want them all to get along. The males dont have to play with him but I want to be able to have them all in the same room together without a fight. is it possible they may be jealous? I know if I am playing with koda Dice will come over and start rubbing against me and wanting to be played with(he usually doesnt do that)

here is some pics

This one shows how ruff he can get. He will jump and bite at there ears but he wont draw blood or hurt them. Plus when he does it Yoda does it to him and they play.
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