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Getting First Cat

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:D Well, we have had a dog for about 8 years. We wanted her to be an indoor dog and hired a trainer and everything but it just didn't work out. She is just too darn hyper and did too much damage. She is now a strictly outdoor dog and hasn't been inside for a long time but is very happy in her big fence. Anyway we have always still wanted a pet to cuddle with and live with us strictly indoors. I want to get a cat that will always be affectionate, not just ignore us when it gets older. I have done some reasearch and it seems that the breeds known for being lap cats are Bombay, Cornish Rex, and Devon Rex, or at least those breeds' descriptions fit what we want. Unfortunatley they are pretty rare and WAY too expensive. Around $650! Any ideas for the right breed??? Thankyou. :D[/b]
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Hi, Ben, and welcome! Kittens are much more hyper and prone to destroy things (my kitten just broke our lamp last week), so an adult cat may be the best thing for you! The only problem is if an adult cat has been raised outside, they are sometimes not happy being inside. So you may want to see if you can get a cat you know a little history about. Sometimes people will post notices at vets, pounds, stores, etc. about inside cats they're looking for a home for for one reason or another. That may give you an idea of the cat's personality more if you're really concerned about getting one certain type of cuddly-bear personality. Or you could really spend some time at the shelter and try to get to know a few cats, get them out and interact with them. You can probably spot the cuddle-bears pretty quick!

Or you can be like me, and get 4, so you have every type of personality possible! :D I have a mean kitty, a cuddly girl who is a spook to everyone but me, a funny guy who likes to show off, and a rip-roarin', attention-hogging, constantly yowling kitten.

Getting 2 may be good, but maybe not. My 2 littermates fight constantly, so it's not always a guarantee that they'll get along. I probably wouldn't get 2 adults at one time, certainly...

Good luck and let us know what you end up with!
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