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I went pumpkin picking today! They were selling bales of straw there. So i got my not sure how many flakes it has though. Its a decent size bale.

My horse trainer has these 2 extra dog igloos next to the im going to see if i can buy 1 from her and use that for the 4 outside cats. If not,then i will probably buy a petmate dog house..but only bigger.. the one i have is a small so maybe a medium or large would work.

Im going to stuff that with straw so that can be there home. The other one will have food and a bed inside it.

But i am worried that the cats will keep sprayn the house with the straw inside it. The hose will be off for the winter im not sure if i can keep cleaning it then.

Should i do anything else with the extra cat house(im not sure when im going to get it though).

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