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Getting Spayed Soon..

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My babygirl has been having little vistiors all day today. I am not okay with this. If this is what is feels like the first time your kids leave the house with another guy, actually i'm sure it;s alot worse, my kids are never doing anything! I have done everything known to man to get rid of the male cat that keeps crying outside the door. It may be one thing if he was cute, but he aint. or maybe it's because nothing will ever be perfect for my baby.

With all of this said, the vet is getting a call tomorrow to get Luna spayed. :( It's only for the best.
Also, I'm considering getting the annoying ugly male a vet visit too just so this doesn't happen to anyone else around here.
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Kudos for thinking about Ugly Boy needing to be neutered.

You will survive all this.
I'm taking her early tomorrow. Wish me luck for a good visit!
Good lucks to you! Your baby will be bouncing around in no time. Also too, great you're thinking of neutering the ugly guy. If he starts breeding, they're soon be a lot of mini ugly guys around your neighbourhood!
You'll be happy when you get your baby spayed. Hope you have good success in getting "Ugly" trapped and neutered; that would be a great service for your neighborhood and ugly kitties that may end up in a humane society having trouble getting adopted.
My mom thinks I should take the other kittens to the pound instead of spending my money..I know she is right. Just the thought of him being stuck there makes me feel bad,
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