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GIANT New Foster

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Don't have any pics of him, but MAN this guy is HUGE.

He's a large cat, but he's a tub of lard! He makes Matrix, who tips the scales at nearly 15 lbs, look tiny! We're going to weigh him later, but I'd say he weighs at LEAST 20 - 25 lbs.
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aw, poor big guy! good luck with him!
Here's a pic of CatZilla. Weighs just a tad over 20 lbs!

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aww!! he's even got chubby cheeks!! he is cute
He's a cutie, but my Lord, is that a big cat!
Wow big cat! Looks very gentle letting you hold him like that too lol. Like a big sack 'o potatoes...
He is big!!! But what a beautiful peach boy!
OMG. He's sooo cute and fluffy
I saw this picture on my phone yesterday while out-and-about and good god, you should have heard the expletives that came out of my mouth upon the sight of this adorable monster kitty! Seriously floored by his size. And I thought Billy was massive.. this cat is gargantuan! :shock:

Are you sure it's a cat and not a body pillow? :lol:
Any updates on Mr. Handsome? If you manage to not be a failed foster, he's going to go quick. How can someone not adopt that face.
And I thought my cat was bug. :shock: He looks rather laid back though!
What a handsome guy. He may be part if not all Maine **** .
Oh he is adorable, look at those cheeks! And I thought my orange kitty was big....but more to love!!!
He's a purr-bag. He came out of his shell pretty quick! He also accepts brushing, which is good, since it's necessary with his feathery fur.
He also doesn't fuss when he goes into a kennel, which is good. I don't think we'd be able to get him into one if he didn't want to go! lol
Wow, what a looker! I love big, solid cats. Do you know what his story was for why he was in foster care?
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