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Giardias, round 3

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Gatito has not recovered from his diarrhea. He is fine during 2 weeks after treatment, then he goes back to soft stool. He makes it to the litter box and frequency is normal, but his stools are still soft.
So far the vet has tried:
-metronidazole (flagyl)

now she wants another stool sample, and if giardias are still there she said we'll try albendazole and then if that doesn't work, furazolidone.

We both agree (well, she's the vet :) ) Gatito has a depressed immune system, and he can't fight giardias proliferation by himself.

He is also taking probiotics, he eats well and has no other symptoms (he's just his usual self, Don Corleone of the house), but he has lost some weight (not significantly, and it could also be due to this nasty hot summer we're having)

Maybe you have other thoughts or opinions about the treatment the vet is trying. I'd appreciate very much any opinion.
Thank you!
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I'm not a vet so no opinion* but you have my sympathy on giving the metronidazole.

It's a horrible pill to give because it foams on contact with your cat's saliva.

* Except I'd fire any vet that has a really illogical approach to calculating pre-spay fasting times.
Thank you Dave! We went through the metronidazole already...first time, just as you described, foaming and running all over the bathroom...a complete nightmare.

I finally ended up covering the pill with honey, and while grabbing Gatito by the scruff I put the pill way back his throat. No foaming, he swallowed right away, and that was it. He hated me after that, of course :sad but it is always like that when medicating cats...
Honey. That's an idea. My vet recommended butter but didn't tell me that until Giardia round 2. It wasn't easy to handle a buttered pill though. My cats are a nightmare to pill even when it's a regular pill.
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