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Gizmo is being problematic ...

A little background for those of you who haven't read my previous posts:

Aegee was my bf's female cat, unspayed. He bought me Gizmo, a male kitten, for a gift (best and cheapest gift he ever got me!). Well. I missed Gizmo's neutering appointment and he got Aegee pregnant. Gizmo was neutered while Aegee was pregnant and Aegee's 4 kittens arrived on the 19th (or was it the 17th?). Anyway.

Gizmo isn't too happy with the kittens. At first he would growl, and then he had the audacity to HISS at the kittens when my bf held him near them. That's when Aegee went buck wild and was jumping off walls to attack Gizmo while my bf raced out of the room with Gizmo in his arms. I had to restrain Aegee for a while until Gizmo was safely locked up in his temporary living quarters.

Gizmo's better with the kittens now. But I don't trust him around the kittens when Aegee is away from guard duty. He would stare at them as if they were mice and then try to pounce on them. If I make a sudden movement toward him to block his pounce, he'll twist in midair and go a little distance away from the kittens. Now he's taken the habit of putting a paw on the kittens and then trying to take a bite out of them.

When will he stop treating the kittens as toys/mice?

And I do believe he may be disgruntled with us (me). He's locked out of the bedroom at night since the kittens and Aegee's nest is there. I don't trust him around the kittens at night when Aegee might wander and I'm not awake to supervise his interaction with them.

And THEN. Today he pooped in the living room. My bf wasn't too happy with that. He also peed on my bf's vinyl cloth that he was going to use to cover parts of his car. My bf wasn't too happy with that either. Gizmo also seems to enjoy peeing on plastic bags.

The plastic bags aren't a big deal. We just have to be more diligent about where we put them and it's not like a plastic bag is a messy clean up. But pooping on the carpet?? He's never done THAT before.

The litter box is clean. He's healthy. I'm guessing he's just moody and disgruntled and making a stinky statement.

How do I get him to stop? And how do I get him to see that the kittens are NOT objects to be slapped/bitten/played with?

Please help. I love Gizmo to death but my bf's getting pretty fed up ...
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