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Well, good and bad news.

The Bad: We won't be building on to the house due to financial constraints and bank business.
The Good: My Sis is simply going to move home, with me and my Mom, and so the Kittens will continue to live with not just both me and my Sis, but they'll also have THEIR GRAMMY - my Mom! :D

Boo has taken QUITE the liking to her Grammy. LOL. We call my Mom that as, technically, she is. We're the Kitten Parents, and she's thus the Grammy. Anywho, Boo's been following Mom around a lot and keeping her company in the kitchen. So it'll be good for Boo to have even more Grammy time.

I'll likely be moving home prior to my Sis by a little bit. I'd like to be "Home for Christmas". So while she finishes up things at her house for a week or two, back and forth, I'll be integrating the cats to the new house.


Kittens rule.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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