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:mrgreen: Proud momma here - Gracie went in today for a check up, her first since her spay at 6 months. She just turned two this week. The lady vet (a new doctor at our cat clinic who is a naturopath :) ) gave Gracie rave reviews for great gums, good teeth, great coat etc. She kept saying over and over - "I'm sure it's the raw diet, you're not going to have any dental problems with that diet..." Gracie's not even 100% raw - she's half-and-half canned and raw.

One thing I thought was interesting was her take on vaccinations. She believes they confer immunity for years longer than the manufacturers say (why is that not surprising??), so in her opinion it is not necessary to renew them all the time. If I had wanted, she would have done a titration (blood analysis) to estimate levels of immunity, but at two years old she didn't think it was necessary yet.

She was also very interested in the Plaque Off dental supplement we give Gracie for her gums, so I am going to send the clinic a link about it. She had heard of the drops you put in drinking water, but not the powder for putting in food...

I am so pleased for our kitteh girl...all the work is worth it....

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