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Greetings and Salutations

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Hello all :smiles

I am the lucky momma of 4 furbabies; Jack and Bella age 1 April 4th(not blood related though) who are orange tabbies, Jack is a fawn who was 75% feral when we got him at age 3 months and Bella is orange and white with Syndactyly on all 4 paws. I also have Kirra who is a tortishell maincoon mix, who will be 6 years old May 24th, and than Loki who is an all black huge kitty(I adopted him in March 2011 from a friend that had to move away) he just turned 10 years old Oct 23. I will also be a proud furgrandma between March 25th and April 4th as Jack and Bella are parents in waiting (yes it was a planned pregnancy, all babies have homes lined up).

I am also a human mom to two boys age 11 and 8. I am a stay at home mom to my 8 year old who lives with me and a proud survivor of Multiple Sclerosis. My children(fur and non) are my whole life :)
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