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Hey all!!! I am a fellow cat lover, I have 4 cats plus 3 strays. All of my cats have been adopted, or strays that have been tamed at one time.

Havoc-he's my baby, he was a storm rescue after the april 27th tornado, so I adopted him from our local vet.

Ghosty-I got him from a co worker at work, back when I had a job, so I took him home, and raised him as my own.

Valentine-her name says it all. She was a stray when she came up, on valentines day, so I named her Valentine.

Baby Gurl-Her story is sad. When i got her, she was spayed, declawed, and she had a place on her neck where her collar had been too tight.

And yes, I even named the strays too, except one!

JJ-He could be Havoc's twin! Anyways, he's the kitten of another cat that hung around, I called her Bonnie, but sadly before I tamed her she got ran over. He's a little skiddish, but he's getting tamer.

Clyde-I don't know why his name is Clyde really. He's really skiddish.

Unknown name-this cat, not sure if it's a boy or a she-cat, just started hanging around recently, but he/she is skiddish.

That's all my cats! And like I said, I'm from alabama!!! I don't really know what else to put here, so I guess that will do for now.
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