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greetings from holland

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Hi fellow catlovers!

I came across your web site and found it so wonderful, I signed up! =)
I currently live in the netherlands.. and it's freezing right now. Not great weather at the moment..

You know, I never liked cats but my husband and his mom always had pets, especially stray cats who just ended up staying in her huge garden!

We ended up with one of her strays, a brown tabby that is now about a year and a half. I named her Tubby because she was so well fed by my mother in law that she was kinda chubby and well rounded... It's kinda mean I know, but the name kinda stuck.. :p plus, one letter change from tabby to tubby.. :p She's so sweet and tamed but very scared of strangers, still, after a year with us..

We lost our other darling cat, Peekaboo, about a month ago through some careless driver - she was only a year and 4 months old! It was sooo sad when we lost her.. I cried everyday.... we miss her so much. Nowadays I console myself with Tubby and perhaps later we'll get a kitten so she won't be so lonely...

So I became a catlover through my hubbie and mother-in-law... =)

I hope to learn a lot about cats, still, from this great site!

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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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