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Greetings, from IL!

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Our household is undergoing a lot of changes this month! We are in between moving to our new house, recently inherited, where we have a half acre. We are excited to be leaving our city home for one secluded neighborhood and a lake within walking distance. We are also a foster home to 2 foster dogs; in addition to our own crew. The most recent addition was admittedly an unplanned one! I was already a frequent stop for the neighbors' kitty who visits often, though, lol. That's our introduction! Now for the next biggest change...

This afternoon one of my close friends rescued a kitten from under the porch of an abandoned home. I was picked up shortly after they got him; so he rode in the car with me bundled in my jacket. They were in no position to keep him, but wanted him safe from the neighborhood dogs (it was not a very nice area... and many of the strays do not make it in the city life there.) He is a tiny little boy, with tuxedo markings; my years as a vet assistant lead me to believe he's only about 5 weeks old. Much too young to be on his own, I know that much.

I had no idea my other half would approve, but sure enough he gave me the okay (I think it helps that my birthday is this week... hmm?) and that's where we are now! We named him Figaro. (Ironically, we had watched Pinnochio just a few weeks ago; where I commented we ought to adopt a little black and white shelter kitten. So, we had to name him properly!) He has already been dewormed, and he will have the first set of his only two series of vaccines; and neutered as soon as he is old enough. I did my due diligence lurking and was happy to find a welcoming forum that supports raw diet and responsible breeding. I look forward to getting to know you all, and hope to stick around a while if that's okay. =) I love photography so you would surely see photo updates as we go on this unexpected journey! Have a great day.

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A lake within walking distance! What more could you want? Welcome to Catforum!
Welcome to the forum! I love to hear stories like your rescue of Figaro. You're right, he probably wouldn't have made it on his own. Can't wait to see pictures! (P.S. Born and raised Illinois person here.)
Welcome my fellow Illinoisian. Born, raised and lived here all but 4 years out of my life (Colorado for college).
Congrats on your new little one. Enjoy!!!
Thank you all! I'll see if I can get a few pictures uploaded on here of him, he is such a darling and is fitting in so well.
I'm also new to the forum, am a cat lover, and from Illinois. Would love to see pics posted on here of the new kitten!
Must be something in the air then here in IL! Catnip maybe? Lol!
Welcome to the cat forum. It sounds like you have a happy, bustling family.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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