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Hi all,
My name is Jake and my cute little Siamese kitty is Sima. We live in a very hot Dallas, Texas, to give you an idea of the climate conditions.

We adopted Sima when she was barely a few "weeks?" old, she literally landed in our lap so to speak, lol. She was a stray, and one day she walked into the open garage where we were getting ready to get in our cars and leave. How smart is that! lol

She basically walked in and said, "Meow, hey there cutie! I wanna be YOUR buddy!" lol the cuteness factor was thru the roof, so we adopted her.

She looks like some sort of a Lilac Point/Tabby Siamese, with fluffy white fur, heavily mixed with gray. The ears are gray, the tail is grayish black, the M on her forehead is sorta "washed-out" by the white hair. Very intelligent, and very affectionate. She is about 3 years old I would say. We have a back yard, and being not very experienced, we let her outside the initial 2 months or so, but we quickly realized that it would be best if she were an indoor cat. For her own protection, we live in close proximity of wilderness areas. Actually, Texas is such a huge state, that you can drive afew miles of residential area, and come to a small forest... lots of hunting predators too...

But there are a few problems... Mainly I am getting very annoyed by how my mom is approiaching the nutrition. You see, we recently adopted another cat, a male Tabby, very playful, but very muscular and strong, so naturally, when they play-fight my Sima quickly retreats because obviously he doesn't realize his own strength.

Well... mom of course works all day, and in the evening she's glued to the television... She insists and demands that she be in charge of feeding both cats, but I am not fine with that. First, because Sima is my cat, we have a special bond. And also because she has an established diet for the past 3 years, she knows (and I know) what she likes and what she doesn't like. And she is extremely picky! And has a weak stomach I would say, because she pukes...let's say often. Especially if after getting used to a certain dry food for 3 years, all of a sudden, she is switched to another...because the huge bag was on sale at the store...

She's been puking this new dry food for the past 2 days now, it comes out this nasty yellow goo, and of course on my carpet...always on my carpet, lol. Oh well, daddy will have to clean it up... The other cat, is about the same age, very awesome guy, playful, not mean, but sorta aggressive when it comes to feeding time, I guess because he had to live the first year in "captivity" so to speak and now he literally is always hungry, even though he is safe now... but I guess it will take some time for him to get used to.

Anyway, to make the long story - I think these 2 cats cannot be handled like they have same nutritional needs. Sima is VERY SELECTiVE about food, usually if she doesn't like it, she will not eat it. While Jester will happily chopt down her left-overs. So as a matter of fact, Sima would rather eat the dry rations that she is used to, while Jester usually needs alot more wet/canned food and rarely eats dry food. So what was the point of getting that huge bag, I ask honestly is getting me very upset, because it's a completely different brand, AND flavor...

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Welcome, Jake and your kitties.

Here is a good article in Little Big Cat on food.

10 Reasons Why Dry Food Is Bad for Cats & Dogs | Little Big Cat

Now that I posted that article I must tell you my cats do eat dry because of my schedule and being in and out of town a lot with my jobs. Ideally they should get just soft food. But I feed them a high quality dry. Most Evo or Innova but there are plenty of other good quality foods available.

Also, go post in the health and nutrition section of Cat Forum. You will get more answers about diet for cats there. You've come to the right place!
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