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Greetings from South Africa :)

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I'm from South Africa and proudly owned by 5.5 cats. What's the half for? Well, that's my latest cat...well, kitten. His name's Puck and he's a ginger, we think he's about 3 weeks old.
I'm absolutely besotted with my cats and they completely rule the house, and the three dogs.
I'm really concerned about Puck at the moment, which is my main reason for joining here, this is the first time I'm hand-raising a kitten by myself. My mom's raised two litters by hand and we have one cat from each litter that we've kept. It's all a bit complicated and I'm waiting for the vet to phone me back this morning...she saw Puck about a week ago.
Anyway, I'm really looking forward to meeting people who share the same love of cats that I have, because, as far as I'm concerned cats are just the most amazing creatures in the world :) and none of my friends are as besotted and don't really understand my devotion to my cats. (My friends are more dog and horse people which is fine, since I love dogs and horses too).

I work for a company that sells horse stuff, and I'm a saddle fitter and sales rep for them. I love my job intensely, but I don't really love the people so much. There's nothing better than coming home after a long day to be greeted by my cats. They like to lounge about in the driveway and glare at me when I drive in, like, how dare I drive my car where they're lying! haha, always makes me smile.

That's it for now!
Take care,
PP :blackcat
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