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Her Ladyship is giving me a few rare moments of peace and quiet while she naps, graciously allowing me to use the computer.

Permit me to introduce ourselves:

Wry_Martini: The human. Work-from-Home software engineer by day, Martha Stewart wannabe by night.

Her Ladyship: The Balinese. Yes, she has a more proper/ordinary name (Violet Bonham Carter) but this is how she prefers to be known, particularly for formal introductions. Less fondly, she is also called Butterball, Mama's Little Turducken, You Little Heathen, and a slew of names that are just too embarassing to type.

Together, they share a sleek condo downtown in the SF bay area, decorated in what Wry_Martini calls "Hollywood Regency meets Art Deco meets Kitten Romper Room". (Wee little catnip mice are just the finishing touch to every room, aren't they?)

Wry_Martini pays the bills, does the housework, provides NOMS, cuddles, belly-rubs, cat toys, and all other kinds of feline-approved entertainment. She is also useful for things like cleaning the poo-poo palace.

Violet (thinks she) owns the condominium and spends her days supervising the goings-on downtown via her favorite windowsill perch, helping her human write code, and insisting on chiming in when her human has a conference call on speakerphone. Her other major responsibility is welcoming all guests/visitors.
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