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Hi! I'm Sephie, I'm from the Netherlands, and I've just recently adopted 3 Siberian kittens, 2 females called Keiko and Ciara (both sisters of the same litter) and a male called Columbus! They are all still with their mummies at the moment and will be with us at the end of June and we cannot wait to get them home with us!

I live together with my fiance and he was so overjoyed when he found he was not allergic to Siberian cats (as we did some tests with fur) and he's a pet lover like me. I used to have 2 cats in the past whom I rescued from the shelter, but they have long passed on at the ages of 16 and 15 (before I met my fiance). I did miss them loads which led to us finding a compromise to get kittens in a breed that we both were not allergic to. I'm an asthma sufferer as well so certain breed were also not really well tolerated by me!

Anyways, sorry about the waffling! We just bought a new home, have moved in and are kitten proofing it now! We're both 30 years this year and here's hoping I can get some good tips from you all and share stories in this forum!
I will post pictures when they come home with us!
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