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Hello everyone! I am a proud cat Momma of 4. My babies are my everything, and I've come to share and learn with others who feel the same way!
Lemme introduce my babies

BUTTERS- 5 years old
20lbs of awesome
AMAZING personality. Loves to talk.
When I nap on the couch, he lays by my side. I then put my arm around/under him. He literally lays like that until I wake up.
Very sociable, and not a mean bone in his body. He is my pride and joy.

ATHENA- 2 years old (on june 6th)
Very petite!
Independent, yet extremely lovable and friendly ONLY in my bed..
Athena was over a year old, and still didn't go into heat. I made the vet appointment to get her checked, and the next day, she finally went into heat. She is now fixed.

KIMBA- Roughly 1 year old
Colorpoint Shorthair, crosseyed, & 10lbs
Kimba lived with my friend until this girl lost her apartment. She then dumped Kimba on a guy that totally didn't want him. Kimba was then terribly abused. Enough was enough, and I took Kimba home, where he is loved, spoiled, and happy! Hes very friendly, and fun to watch

MADDY- 1 year old in May
Dilute Calico
This feisty girl is appropriately named, because as a kitten, she was MAD crazy. You'd find her swinging on curtains, until the point where they were so torn up that we had to get rid of them. Despite her nutty behavior, she is a sweetie, and loves to be loved.
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