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Hello everyone,
I'm coming to you from a two-cat household. Our resident cat is a six-year-old tabbie/siamese mix named Tundra. She's been an only cat the entire six years and is very scared. She's not a cat who hides when she is scared. She will frequently meow loudly and hiss at anyone entering her territory that she is wary of. Besides her very vocal show of hesitation towards any human guests that we have, she is a very sweet and mild mannered cat.

Three months ago we adopted a 6 month old cow cat, named Guss Guss. We chose him because of his very sweet and friendly nature. He was socialized and living with at least 5 other kittens in the foster home before we adopted him. We were told he was found on the streets with his brother, they were unsure of the location of the mother cat. During the first week of bringing him home, he was diagnosed with a very bad yeast, bacterial overgrowth, and infection in both ears as well as giardia. We still regularly clean his ears, but after four visits to the vet he was finally cleared as healthy. The giardia cleared up quickly but the ear infection has been a nuisance.

I will post in another thread the challenges we have encountered in the introduction of these two special kitties. For now, I will sign off. I'm looking forward to chatting with many of you about cats! :laugh:
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