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Hello, this is my first post here.

We had to have one of our beautiful Somal cats put to sleep last week, she was 15 1/2, and had been ill for a little while. The Vet told us she was at the end of the road 6 weeks previous, but we weren't ready/able to let her go, and she wasn't ready then either.

But the last 2 days of her life she went downhill really fast and it was clear she was suffering, so we had to do the kindest (but hardest) thing and let her go.

My heart is breaking.....I can't seem to pick myself up at all. Although it wasn't a shock in the end, it still was (if you see what I mean) you can never be 'prepared' for losing them.

We have another little Somali girl (Moth) who is adorable....she's is missing Magic too, bless her.

I joined this forum looking for a way to cope with this grief I guess?
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