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Grooming a cat?

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This is my third thread as asked by the admins, but I was wondering exactly how you groom a cat? What are the best brushes? My new kitty (an adult, 3 y.o.) is a mostly shorthair? Very silky, sleek fur, and loves being stroked, so I think she'll love being brushed.

Do you really need to bathe your cat if there are no fleas, or just brush them? Thank you so much for any advice!
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There's no real need to bathe your cat, unless they get into something that would be dangerous for them to groom away (oil, etc.) or they have some other problems (fleas, ringworm, etc.). When you groom, you should always brush in the same direction as the coat, from front to back, not against the grain of the coat.

As for brushes, I likely won't be too much help, since my cats are both long haired. However, my adult daughter has a short haired cat (the cat in my avatar). My daughter likes to use a hard brush for normal grooming, along with the Furminator for occasional grooming (perhaps once every few months). I know others swear by the Zoom Groom. You will likely need to try out a few and see what works best for your cat and which she likes the best.
I'm one that loves the Zoom Groom. Mia won't let me use anything else. lol
I have an old human brush that I use. It has stiff boar bristles and seems to be able to get the heavier undercoat of my medium hair and my short hair enjoys it.
We tried some of the more sophisticated equipment (furminator, etc), but in the end a regular metal comb and a human brush (metal teeth) worked best for us.. We have a long haired Himalaian girl.
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