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Grooming tool?

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Hi guys! Can I ask what you use to groom your cats? We have a Furminator but they don't seem to like the feeling of it, Gordon in particular actually seems to be afraid of it which is a shame as it really does get a lot of loose hair off. Can anyone recommend me something else? Thanks!
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I have short hair cats so I use the "Furminator" to brush them. It is amazing the fur it takes out of them! By the time I finish brushing the three of them, I have enough fur to make another kitty. And all the cats seem to enjoy the brushing.

I also have another tool that I used to introduce the cats into brushing and it was a piece of rubber in the shape of a sitting cat with many rubber spikes on one side. It is relatively good at disloging loose hair and the cats were not intimidated by the rubber/silicone material.

The Furminator is a little expensive but it works wonders for our crew. They get groomed weekly, just before I pass the vacuum!
regular hairbrush?

we have a medium hair kitty and actually we just use a regular hairbrush with tough black bristles, along with a fine toothed comb every once in a while. don't know if that's good or bad, but they seem to work just fine and she likes it well enough. it's pretty good at getting loose hair out, but not nearly as good as the furminator, i'm sure.

we just tried that purple rubber cat brush with the long spikes that BoBear mentioned, but the first time we tried it, Angel seemed to hate it. it really does grab the hair and i think it grabbed it too much! so we returned it and are back to the people brush and comb, even though i've heard other people have had good success with the rubber thing.

i've read, too, that after brushing it helps to stroke your kitty with slightly damp hands as well to get that little extra off. sorta like a humungous momma cat's tongue i guess. Angel purrs most of the time when i do it, too.
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I have the same problem with the Furminator, they don't like it much. I use it on my carpet and furniture though, works like a charm to get the hair off lol.

I have a comb that has a dual head with wide and narrow tines, plus a slicker brush. I use the wide tooth side for the longhair kitties and it works wonders on matts. Once done with that we use the narrow side to get any stragglers and finish off with the slicker comb.
I have very little grooming to do of my Devons, but when I was breeding/showing Manx, both shorthair and longhair, I never used a brush. For shorthairs I used a flea comb that is good for removing loose hair, and for the longhairs used a chrome comb that had narrower tines on half of it, wider ones on the other half.
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You may be pressing too hard when using the furminator. I had that problem at first. Try using a lighter touch. I love the furminator. It really gets the fur out.

The only brush my 3 cats will tolerate is the small slicker brush (and only up to the waist). I have all kinds, including the furminator, but they'll threaten to bite and/or scratch me if I try to use them.
The only brush my 3 cats will tolerate is the small slicker brush (and only up to the waist). I have all kinds, including the furminator, but they'll threaten to bite and/or scratch me if I try to use them.
Samantha adored her Papa, but if I tried to comb her britches and pulled a snag, she'd hiss, swat and scurry off.
I'd call er back and apologize for hurting her and she let me know she was sorry for swatting me.
Cats have sensitive skin and some area that are more sensitive then other, if it hurts their 1st instinct is to swat, hiss and run.
But it hurts me when they scratch me, so I don't force anything on them.
But it hurts me when they scratch me, so I don't force anything on them.
Me too, several time a year Samantha's britches would start to mat up and I'd have to take her to the groomer.
She loved to be combed on the face, back and sides, but on the rear not at all.
She also usually swatted without fully extending the claws, more as a warning then an attack, she was a big cat 17 lbs at her max and could do a lot of damage if she wanted to.
Occasionally she'd get over stimulated during a play session and would latch onto Papa's arm with all 4 paws with claws extended and teeth too, I'd say nice kitty let go of Papa's arm please.
My girls hated the furminator, so I sent it to my Mom. Her cat likes it.

This is the best comb ever:

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Takes some getting use to, but my cats liked slicker brushes
Milky has medium length hair. We just use a comb and a slicker brush and they seem to do the job fine. He's tolerant of us brushing any part of his body but dislikes brushing his tummy the most. If we give him a toy to chew on while he's getting brushed, he will let us brush him for quite a long time.
I have used the furminator on Screech plus 2 other brushes/combs. He loves to be brushed so I guess it depends on the cat. You have to find out what works. Screech needs to be especially brushed because he is fat and can't groom himself in some spots. He also needs his butt washed because he can't groom himself properly and then he stinks, but he's a good kitty and puts up with it.

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