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Hack and Slash were a comic sword fighting duo. Spencer Humm (Slash Montaigne) and John Davis (Sir Nigel Hack) performed for 21 years before Davis made a career change. They were top attractions at medieval and rennaisance fairs across the country. Before their act, to get more people to come, Slash would crack a bullwhip, while Hack-a really BIG guy-would bellow 'SWORD FIGHTINNNG SHOOO-OOOOW!!!'

Their show featured bullwhip tricks, the two dueling over women in the audience, and Slash laying on a bed of nails while Hack broke a cinderblock over his chest.

During the war they entertained the troops with Operation Swashbuckle.

I hear Spencer Humms looking for a new Slash. I don't know that anyone could replace John Davis-but I LUV their show!

Anyone in Baltimore catch their Christmas special? I think it's running til tomorrow! The 12 days of Christmas...
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