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none of them seem constipated. well, diotima used to get that way occasionally but all three cats are going on a regular basis. and stinky (picky eater) has NORMAL bm's now instead of stinky soft-serve.

baby food is low-residue so i see how it could be binding but i think the vaseline helps move things along. i use miralax myself so i have it, and i might try it on houdini if need be because i know it's tasteless.

and the vaseline is totally working on the hairballs. i know brushing is supposed to work, and i do brush almost every day, somehow though the black one seems to be affected if no one else is. maybe because she's old, i don't know.

when i find poops on a string (they somehow eat one of my hairs) i start laughing.
Hey, if it's working........:) Remember that vaseline will interfere with nutrient absorption, so, aside from the baby food, should be given on an empty stomach, at least an hour (2 is better) before a meal

Miralax seems to be what more and more vets are turning to for chronic constipation and megacolon. I'm thankful the pumpkin is working here, but also am glad to know there is something besides mineral oil out there, should a cat of mine ever need more help.

Oh, thank you all for this thread!
I JUST walked in to find a hairball on the kitchen counter- ewwwwww.
First time ever for my household. I have three cats and no idea which one did this.
Should I start the pumpkin for all three of them? Wait and see if it happens again? Wondering if this is an isolated incident or something I need to get on top of immediately.
Pumpkin can't hurt them. Many cats never have any trouble, they just pass the fur through, like they are designed to do. If your cats eat an all canned, or raw, diet, and you groom them regularly, and they get plenty of exercise, they may not need any other help. On the other hand, sometimes, as cats get older they do seem to have more trouble with hair balls.

I just bought some Weruva canned food that has pumpkin as one of the ingredients. I think they have a few flavors with pumpkin added.
Yes Weruva does use pumpkin in some of their foods, but it is not enough to have any benefit. Kitty needs one full tablespoon a day, for it to be effective with hair balls or constipation. It's better to split the quantity between two or three meals. I have one cat who gets a better benefit by having the tablespoon split into twice a day, and another cat does better on three times a day.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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