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CMI said:
I just noticed something last night... The dope (Vash) did his thing, left the box, started walking away and PLOP! A little nugget fell on the floor :shock:
My cat Twinkie sometimes has stuff stuck to his fur since he is a bit medium haired and I have to snip his hair there. My other cat Sugar left a nugget or 2 and it was not a pleasant smell.

Ok so I have long hair and I know there is alot of my hair on the ground if I haven't vacuumed yet. One time Sugar used the restroom and not all the poop was finished I guess and somehow she had a piece of my hair stuck to her poo and she was running around the house really crazy! Finally she stopped after she flung the poo off her rear onto a wall! I know, yuck! I dont know how my hair got down there but at least that was the last of that! :wink:
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