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Happiness Drool?

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My boy Maddox (brought in as a stray) ALWAYS drools when he's happy/comfortable. At first, I thought he might have something wrong with him because he was always drooling when he was around me (before I started letting him inside), but now I notice it happens when I pet him for a while and he starts to fall asleep.

Anyone have any answers? I googled it and got that it could be an internal issue?

Also, I know it's not rabies. It's not foaming at all, it's just dripping.
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I have several droolers. If they drool only when they're happy, I don't worry about it a bit. However, if they drool at other times, I have the vet check their mouths for infection or dental problems.

Happy drool is just that ... happy drool.

Arrr, another drooler here :D My Metoo is a serious drooler. Every time she kneads me, she leaves a big drool stain on my cloth. And I have to use cotton ball to wipe her face (and sometimes her arm too) because it's all wet. She also drool on other occasion, like purring comfortably on my laps, or when I pet her. But not as much as when she kneads :)
Midnight, the wild cat, also drools and purrs like some kind of machine when I scratch his head and ears.
Franklin is an inveterate kneader/drooler. Twice a day, every day. I'm pretty sure it's when he is happiest :)
A lot of cats drool when they're happy. Sometimes A LOT. Sometimes this only starts happening when they get older. Both my cats drool when they're happy, Blaze does A LOT, it's like a waterfall. Blacky not very often or as much, but it still happen. She never used to drool at all but has for the last few years, I guess she's getting old.
Another drooler here. Mine are usually being petted and falling asleep when they drool.
Azalia drools when she's happy and then shakes like a dog then sharing the drool with you ;)

Egypt has started drooling, too. Only within the last few months and when she's happiest. She's now reaching 5 so I guess she's gonna be one of those 'getting older droolers'.
Be happy you have a drooler. When my sister's cat is happy, her nose runs. Not kidding! Its been like that for years!
Ha, I didn't know it was a common thing. I thought it was pretty funny when I saw Cap'n Jack drooling for the first time. He does drool when he's really happy. He also has this weirdly blissful expression on his face like he had been doing drugs.
Haha wow. Lots of droolers here! I didn't expect that. So I guess it's not something I should worry about, then?? His nose runs sometimes too, but I'm not sure if they're interconnected with each other. I just notice his nose runs every so often. He's not sneezing or anything, so I don't think he's sick. He's just full of bodily fluids, I guess!! :p
one of my ferals is a big time drooler. when he is in a "love me" mood and i rub the side of his face the waterworks just open up.

it is kind of funny that he is like that being that he is a +/- 15 lb barrel chested monster.


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Sammy is a drooler too. His only started when he was about 3 years old. He drools like crazy now though - it starts almost as soon as he makes contact with you. The absolute worst is when he shakes his head, spraying his drool all over everything (especially our faces). Still love him to bits though.
Ha! :p Both cats I live with drool when being cuddled. We have a Maine **** mix that drools like a faucet when being loved up then of course leaves a wet spot on your lap. The other is a domestic long hair cat and she drools a little in her sleep sometimes, and she drools when being cuddled as well but not as much as the other cat lol. I personally think it is very cute!
My cat, Caroline, is a drooler, and her nose drips sometimes.
I have a drooler (Alkee) and a non-drooler (Zuba). Alkee loves to sit between my arms when I'm typing on the computer and drools all over the keys and/or the back of my hands. Sometimes she like to help by pushing her nose on my hands and poking at the keys, but I've scolded her so much about pushing the keys that she doesn't do it as much as she used to....just took 7 yrs.!
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