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Happy Birthday Pebbles & Gizmo 2 years!!

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Yep, my babies are already 2 today! I was almost too late, thought that tomorrow was the 24st instead of today!

But they already unwrapped their gifts!
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Aonir said:
Happy birthday to Pebbles and Gizmo! What'd they get??

I just was taken to Kings Island for my bday today. But my bday was ... 2 weeks ago?
I got them 3 new toys, they already broke 2 of them :roll: :shock:
And tomorrow we'll get them a cattunnel! Last month i bought a new kittycondo, which they don't use that much :roll: :cry: They prefer the old one :roll:

New one
And which one do they use?

Thx everyone for whishing them a happy b-day! very sweet !!

And Aonir "happy birthday " to u too!
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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