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Stormy's birthday is estimated to be today...when I took her to the vet as a kitten we estimated she was 4 months, that was around July 4, so we set April 4 as her birthday.
Justin is also a former stray, so we don't know his birthday either. Since he's about the same age as Stormy, I'm setting his birthday as April 4 also! :D
So my kitties turned 2 today!!! They got light pats as birthday spankings..."1, 2, and one to grow on!" They are getting baby food as a treat today. No gifts as I haven't had much time lately, but I'm going to order them a laser pointer on ebay.
(Btw, Justin's mom, who is a stray and has had many litters of kittens, was finally caught! She is pregnant and this will finally be her last litter. :D )
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