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Happy birthday to Murphy!

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Happy birthday to my sweet, lovable, in-your-face, goofball of a cat, Murphy. He's 6 today.

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Happy Birthday Murphy. Hopefully you'll get some goodies today.

He's a nice, healthy looking boy. :)
Happy Birthday, Murphy!!! Enjoy your day :bday
:bday :bday:bday
you handsome birthday boy!
Oh, happy birthday! You big sweet beautiful boy!

I hope your mom makes it super special for you today!
Happy Birthday, handsome! I hope your mommy spoils you with lots of gooshyfood, treats, catnip and toys galore!
Happy Birthday Murphy!!!!!!
Happy Birthday, Murph!!

You don't look a day over 5! :grin:
Happy Birthday, Murphy! :D Such a pretty boy.
Ohhh Happy Birthday gorgeous boy! I hope you have been thoroughly spoilt!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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