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Happy Ending - Lost Cat

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Last weekend someone posted on my store Facebook page that her 10 month old kitten, Jasper, had escaped the house and had been gone overnight. I realized that my friend Colleen lives in the same neighborhood...but she's not a FB kind of person, so I emailed her the photo and info.

Last night at 11pm Colleen called...her cat had been making a fuss by the back door and when she looked out, a cat that looked like Jasper was on her deck. She confined her cat and while we were on the phone she managed to entice him (with food) into the house. I didn't have a phone number to contact his mom, so I posted on FB and Jasper went home at 2am.

Feeling warm & fuzzy this morning for having helped get the little guy back home!
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YAY! I love a happy ending. Thank you for networking for the little lost guy.
Wow doodlebug! That is an amazing story, not only because you did a good deed by helping to reunite him but because the other day we had a stray black cat come into our clinic very sick and desperately thin. He seemed like a sickly rogue, and at the e-clinic we see a LOT of severely ill animals who have been abandoned after being tossed out when their owners cannot or do not want to pay to get them treated. But I searched craigslist and located a missing black cat ad. The people came to ID him but it was not him. However, in their search for their kitty they had gotten in contact with some other people who were also missing their own black cat. Those people came next to ID him and sure enough... it was the very same cat! He was so thin and weak, but you should have seen how his eyes lit up, and how he forced himself to his feet to greet his owners despite how weak he was. He had been missing for over a year.

His name, coincidently, was Jasper. And he has made a full recovery since going home to his family.

It was an amazing thing to witness. And I, like the blubbering fool I am, cried tears of joy to get to see it take place. How I wish that someday my family could be reunited with our Kovie. Stories like this remind me that you can always have hope... cats are amazingly resilient creatures.
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That is awesome! I love hearing stories like that, I always empathize and think of how heartbroken I'd be if either of my guys was lost and then how relieved and happy (and sobbing) I'd be when I got them back.

Job well done :)
Not a personal story, but in the news the other day a cat somehow got from his home in Florida to Colorado! I also heard a story once about a cat getting on a freight ship and making it all the way across the the boat for nearly 3 weeks. Poor thing was probly HUNGRY when it got found finally!
You are my new hero for the day...awesome job!!!
Great job. How happy that family now must be!

We lost our Ginger, ten years ago now, what I'd do to have him back. It's so heartbreaking to have a kitty go missing. Always having that hope.
Congrats, so proud of you guys!!
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