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Samhain (my black cat) decided it would be funny to hide on me tonight. I almost hit the roof, totally freaked out when I couldn't find her - I thought she had gotten out when the kids came over. Sheesh, nice night to play a trick on me Samhain!

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You're right, Jeanie, it is Kim Novak. The picture is a screenshot from the movie, "Bell, Book, and Candle." I'm writing a book and my publisher wants to have the galleys by January.
Unfortunately, the project has not left me much time for anything else, like visiting my favorite forum in the whole, wide Web: Cat Forum!, which is something I hope to rectify, soon.
Comiskey , <-----rubs fur against Jeanie's shin

p.s. If you look closely, you'll note Piowacket is sticking out his tongue. -hehe (ain't Photoshop grand?!)
p.p.s. Jeanie, I see yuns are in Pennsyltucky. It seems that we have something else in common besides our love of felines -I'm originally from Sewickley, PA. -Got perogies?


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kitkat, I am also left with bags of candy-untouched by trick or treaters! No one came. :(

Comiskey, Unfortunately I have had perogies only once. And as a teacher of English, I must chastise you for breaking the first commandment for victims of Pittsburghese!

1. Thou shalt not use the term "youns."
2. Thou shalt not say "dun tun" for downtown.
3. "Redd up the house" is better replaced by the word " tidy."
4. There is no Smifeld Street Bridge. It is the Smithfield Street Bridge.
5. The sound of "ou" is like that of the term "Ow," as is "Ow, that hurts."
6. Most people do not understand the term "gumband."
7. Eat 'n Park is good family dining, but is not a four star restaurant.
9. Many people do not know that pop is soda pop, but a soda contains
ice cream. Word your request carefully.
10. Thou shalt not say, "so he goes" when you mean "He said."

So what is a native of the most beautiful area in the United States doing in California? Like, ya know, youns otta come back where you belong! :wink: My apologies for not answering your question sooner; I had to research the word, "youns." :wink:
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