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Hello Everyone,

My name is Axion, and just recently I helped out a stray cat that was freezing outside my apartment under the siding. I took him in and fed him while trying to warm him up. I never have been a cat lover until I took care of that cat all weekend (even though to my knowledge I was very allergic). On Monday though (Week of Finals) I had to turn him over to the local shelter because I had zero knowledge at this point about cats and was still very afraid of a awful reaction. After turning him over I had horrible regrets due to the way the shelter treated me (Not allowing me to turn over the cat because I am a college student living out of state and my ID is from out of state) but I went back after thinking quite a bit to readopt him but he was gone after they put him down (No reason was given to me).

SO, sorry for such a long intro but now I will be adopting a beautiful american shorthair on Tuesday to join me in my apartment with my Yorkie (He thinks he is a kitty cat). I will be posting up lots of photos on Tuesday ;)

Hope everyone is having a great New Year!!!
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