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Hey everyone,
Well I officially got Magic and Maleke into their harnesses a couple days ago and we ventured outside! Neither of them have ever been on grass before, and it was SO FUNNY. When they walked they lifted their feet really high into the air. It was so cute! My boyfriend put Maleke on a tree trunk (vertically) and he climbed the tree! They just LOVED it outside!

Getting their harnesses on is a different story! They struggle and go nuts when they are in the house......trying to get out of it. But once they are outside they forget about it. We got Maleke a purple one and Magic a red one. Haha. Has anyone else been bringing their cats out on leashes in this nice weather? Has anyone gotten any strange looks by people? I get weird looks all the time!!!! I guess walking a cat looks unusual, but that's not going to stop me! They love it!
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