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Lol. I hear you.
Everyone gave me strange looks when I took Chibi outside on the pavement to walk around.

He's kind of complete opposite though. He has no problem with us putting the harness on him but when he goes outside he kinda sinks really low to the ground and then plops almost as to say "This is so embarresing, I'm just going to stay here and hope no one sees me." I don't really trust the harness that much anymore though.

I was traveling with Chibi to Virginia from New York and we harnessed him up and took him outside for a stretch in a rest stop. Other people were walking their dogs and it was only right for Chibi to be able to stretch. WELL....we put the harness on him and took him out of the car and he walked UNDER the car. Next thing I know, my mom pulls on the leash and there is the harness, still strapped together and intact, with no cat attatched to it! That little Houdini! I got so scared, but luckily Chibi just walked out from under the car and let me pick him up. Thank goodness he didn't run into the parking lot.

Your cats seem very active outside! Chibi just kinda likes to go on the patio and plop and just watch the birds fly by. Lazy lil thing hehe.

I can imagine how cute that must've looked though with your cats lifting their feet. :D
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