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Has anyone seen a cat that looks like mine?

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I have been told he is a silver tabby or a blue silver tabby, but his coloring isn't exactly the same as these types. I'm curious if there are other cats out there like him, or if he is just some oddity. Here is a photo album of pictures of him

Bandit - Imgur

His fur is too dark on top to be a silver tabby or even a blue silver tabby. When his fur it pushed back (sorry no photo of it) it is bright white. He also sheds pure white fur. Let me know if you have any idea what he is, or if there are others like him! Thank you!
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I have seen pictures of others like him, but I have never seen one in person. He is extremely unique!!
I just searched Black smoke tabby, and it definitely is his coloring! Thanks for all of your help and warm welcomes. I'm glad to know there is a coloring name I can attach to him now!
I agree with the others, stunning colouring. Very cute kitty. :)
Yes, I have. It isn't common though... out of over 700 cats at the sanctuary I volunteer at only two or three that I know of are smoke color - it's a very pretty color.
Such a pretty kitty. I had a female years and years ago that looks like that.
Wow, what a beauty!
Ohhh he is just beautiful *-* His eyes are so vivid against his coat!
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