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Have I done enough to plan Vacation away from our cat?

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Hi there,

We have a three-year-old ragamuffin. He's not a super clingy lap cat, but does follow me around. At night, he doesn't sleep with anyone in their bed, but he has his fav spots around the house. He's super chill . He loves his daily routine.

Previously, when we've gone on vacation, we'd have a family friend come by the house for 2 hours to love him up, check on the Litter Robot, clean the food bowls, groom him, etc. The longest we've been gone and done this is 8 days. When he's alone, he's sad - we know because we have Blink cameras in the house. He mopes around.

This summer, we are leaving for 25 days! I've been freaking out for months. Here is what I'm planning:
1. First 12 days, daily pet sitters will come by for 1-2 hours in the evening..
2. Second 13 days, my brother and his family are living in the house to be with him.
3. I'm getting a variety of new toys to leave in various rooms of the house.

Is this enough?? Any other ideas to keep him entertained? I feel like those first 12 days will be hard. I thought about bringing him to a sitters house, but he only knows our home and is well adjusted here. I think being in a new place without us will stress him out.

Once my brother and his family arrive, it will be better. However, he doesn't know them. Any tips?

Thank you!
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