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he Loves his kitty litter too much

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Has anyone out there had a cat who tries to eat the cat litter? I have a very old cat. For most of his life, he ate Cat Chow. A few years ago, he developed severe dental issues and now has one tooth left. So he's been on canned food since then. I recently switched him over to raw food, which he seems to like, but something's missing apparently.

I've caught him several times eating litter. First and most important: is this dangerous, or will it pass through? (his stools seem normal, if a bit grayer) I noticed that the litter I was using at the time smelled kinda minty, so I switched it out for unscented. He doesn't go for it as often, but when he does, he doesn't quit. And it's not like I can watch him 24/7 or restrict his access to litter box.

I've tried putting down some Cat Chow, thinking that he misses the crunchy, but he took a couple of bites and went for the litter box. :fust

I've tried not fully cleaning the box, so he'd be less enticed (?) I left the last bit where his head is usually at when he does his business. So he piddled outside the box with his head in the middle. I'm very glad I put the box on a mat.

One time I caught him eating it and I pulled him out of the box. So then he did the 'gonna go here' pose, so I put him back in the box. He promptly started munching, so I pulled him out again and he dropped a deuce right on the bed. :fust

Thoughts? Suggestions?
Thanks in Advance,
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omg! (on your bed)

yes, it will hurt him if it's clumping litter. for sure that kind will, the other kind i don't know.

do you only have one cat? could you change it to shredded newspaper?

i have a stubborn cat that acts like him only he's only 5. i hate to see what he'll like as an old geezer cat lol. he insists he can only use the litter box by my bed, even if i've just cleaned the other one. last night i realized i didn't have a new liner with me so i went to get one, and when i came back, he was peeing on the garbage bag with no litter in it HAHAHA. what a dork.
I wonder if you got something like Yesterdays News litter if it would help. I cant imagine that pellet paper would appeal to him.
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