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I was wondering if anyone here has seen any products available anywhere
else similar to the one below?

Two things I like about this product:
1. Activates only when kitty gets on it
2. Uses only 4W of power!

Bad? Shipping at this site is like $10. I'd like to buy it anywhere else. ... 1&pcode=40

Heated Kitty Bowl

Cats Love Curling Up In This Comfy Heated Bed
Your cat will purr with pleasure in our warm Kitty Bowl. A thermostat
activates the heated bed when the cat lies down, warming it to 102°. Its
orthopedic foam base and removable, washable faux lambskin cover add to
kitty’s comfort. Energy-efficient heater only uses 4W and is removable. UL
listed for indoor use. USA.

18" Dia. x 7"H.

[Ed. I wonder if this thing is guaranteed not to be a fire hazard?]

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product not available

if you go to the home page and type heated kitty bed in the search it comes right up

this bed looks great. I like the idea it only runs while kitty is in it.

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Strikes me as kinda dangerous...

I mean, they used to warn ppl about electric blankets setting fire in the night back in the day.

Is it UL Listed?

Even if it is, it stills sounds kinda risky. What if kitty chews the cords? Falls asleep and gets too hot? Gets too warm and then goes into a cold enviroment and gets a cold or virus? Worse yet, what if it where to over-heat or catch fire? :cry:

Your cat, man (or lady, hehe), I just think it sounds a bit... risky.

If you want a warm place for your baby, I'd find a heating vent and put a normal store-bought bed next to it. It'd be warm, but not dangerous.
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